Makeup Storage at University

If there's one thing that isn't great about moving to university it's that all the organisation you have at home, doesn't work at uni. This is particularly true for makeup! It's no secret that I'm a makeup enthusiast but I really had to cut down my makeup collection for uni and left the rest behind which was difficult enough, then I had to think of a way to store it...but I think I've done pretty well.

IKEA is always the place that I turn to when looking for storage and it didn't disappoint. Before moving, I had no idea what sort of space I'd be given in my room and I have been quite lucky, but I had to consider that I may not have much space. I found these cutest pots which were super cheap that I thought would work so well. They are fairly small but still fit a fair amount in them. They are white, so go with any room colour and they are a shiny plastic so SUPER easy to keep clean!

When arriving at uni, I was very lucky to have a shelf right above my desk which I thought would be the perfect place to keep my make-up, out of the way yet still easily accessible! I separated my make-up into groups with my face products being in one, eye bits in another and lips and hair accessories in the final one! Believe it or not, it all managed to fit! I'm super happy with how it looks and I would seriously recommend trying out this method if you are also at university or if you're just tight on space. It looks really nice and neat whilst still having it on display. I also think clear draws are another really nice way to store things when you don't have much storage as it keeps everything compact and tidy!

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