Self-Confidence, Self-Love and Happiness!

'Confidence is contagious! Catch it. Spread it!' 
The other day I was having a conversation with some friends about changes in our lives and how it's shaped us as people or how we see things or do things and it inspired me to write this impromptu post and share some thoughts with you all.

Confidence can mean so many things whether that be in your own skin, or knowing you can do something whether it's something small like wearing a slightly tighter top or having a conversation with someone you've never met before to something bigger like going on a date or an interview. I truly believe that confidence comes from within and can be built through different experiences. In the last 8 months not only myself but others have noticed a change in my confidence and the way I am, for the better, and I can only put that down to university, had I not been experiencing it, there maybe never have been a change. If someone's confident, I feel as though it can reflect on those close to you and vice versa, building and helping each other is a major confidence boost. 

Even more so, self-love is something that is developed, we don't just have it. People, experiences, changes are all things that can make us feel better in ourselves and so everyone should. Everyone needs to love them self, because love starts with you and loving you is the best thing you can do! I know it's easier said then done and honestly, I need to say this to myself a little more often! Treat yourself, trust yourself and love yourself! 

Do things that make you happy, change things that you don't like and eliminate things that make you not confident, not feel loved or not happy! We all deserve to have true happiness and it's down to us to make sure we have it! 

Just some thoughts - sorry for the ramble! What are your thoughts? 

Thank you for reading!