Review: L'oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

The mascara that has been doing the rounds on blogs, youtube and just about everywhere recently has been the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll. Everyone has been saying what a great product it is and I thought I would test it out to see if the hype is worth it! *SPOILER* I love it!

L'Oreal have always been ahead in terms of mascara within the drugstore. Always affordable, tend to do what it says on the tube and it's a trusted brand. The price of the Miss Baby Roll is £7.99 which personally, I think is a great price and caters to all budgets. For this price, you wouldn't normally expect much or at least, I didn't, but it's fab! The packaging is also super cute, really fun, colourful and is a bit different to what L'Oreal normally do.

The wand is what I was most concerned about as it has a very strange shape with it being twisted rather then just straight brushes but I was really surprised at how well it coated my lashes. It doesn't clump at all, really lifts the lashes to make them longer and the colour is really strong - I obviously went for it in black. The formula isn't too thick so I would imagine that it's quite easy to layer although that isn't something that I typically do. It also glides onto your lashes really nicely and requires minimal effort to get your desired look. I haven't experienced any fallout whatsoever and it lasts looking just as good all day. Speaking of it lasting, I have found it quite a challenge to get off in the evenings which is great for those who want a budge-proof mascara.

Overall, I really like this mascara and it is my new go-to (yes, it's overtaken Perversion) with it ticking all the boxes that I would want in a mascara. I think the amount of compliments that this product has got says it all and I would urge everyone to try it out!

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