The Blusher For Those Who Don't Wear Blusher

Personally, I've never been much of a blusher wearer and the only ones I have in my collection are those that come in palettes. I'm not quite sure why I often miss this step but I love how it looks and adds some colour into people's faces. I was determined to find one that wasn't an obvious blush and keeps in theme with my love of bronzes and nudes and I think I may have found it and it's perfect for everyone else who tends to stay away from bright blush.

The Zoeva Nude Spectrum Blush Palette is a great blusher for those who don't want to look like it's blusher! As I'm sure everyone knows, I always go for a very bronzed look with my make-up and blusher has never been something I reach for, even when I'm shopping. The palette comes with 4 different shades that can suit all skin tones - 3 shades are shimmery and one is matte. For those with paler skin tones, the darker shades would also act as great bronzers. I use the darkest shade as a light shimmery bronzer and it adds the nicest glow to my skin. The palette is also super affordable considering you get 4 blushes and it's a lovely, blendable texture. It's now a product that I wear almost everyday and I would recommend it to everyone who, like me, has never been a fan!

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