Skincare Switch-Up

I've decided to give my skin a new dose of products as I have been using the same for quite a while. I spent the longest time researching what's good and picking what I'd like to try!

Day moisturiser For a new day moisturiser I thought I'd finally give La Roche-Posay a try. Whenever I go into boots I stand and stare at the stand for the longest time and have never picked anything up but finally I picked up the Hydreane Legere Moisturising cream. I am definitely not regretting this one at all, it soaks into my skin beautifully and make-up applies so flawlessly over it. It's a very light formula which makes it great for day time however it can be used as a night cream also. The only down-side to this product is the size, it's quite a small tube considering the price but you do not need much of it.

Night Moisturiser The 'yes to' range has always been a love of mine and their products do wonders for my skin! I decided to buy the Yes To Carrots intense hydration night cream and this is another success. It appears quite light but as you blend it into your skin it becomes thicker leaving you to wake up with the softest, plumpest skin that glows forever.

Eyes I've always wanted to try an eye gel as I've always been an eye cream girl and have always been interested to compare the two. I have heard good things about The Body Shop's Elderflower Eye gel. I have really been liking this, when applying it my eyes feel instantly smoothed and I'm almost becoming addicted. I was expecting it to be more cooling on my eyes then it is but I have heard that you could put it in the fridge, does it work well?

Toner I'm a toner newbie and had no idea what to look for (shock horror) I have heard AMAZING things about the seaweed range from The Body Shop and needed to give it a go, so I got the clarifying toner and it is my favourite product ever! I apply it in the morning before moisturising and o m g, it refreshes my skin and wakes it up, and my skin is so clear and I'm pretty sure it's down to this!

Let me know what skincare products you swear by so I know what to try next!

Thank you for reading!


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