Ways To Be Motivated!

Some days I wake up and I've got the energy of a Duracell Bunny however some days I need that little bit of motivation and I'm sure some of you feel the same way! I have a few tips that help me tackle a busy day or get a not so fun job done!


For me this is the most simple yet effective form of motivation. Lists have been proven to be so beneficial! If you can physically see what you have to do then it can seem overwhelming... Especially if it's the longest list ever however when you get to cross something off you are instantly motivated to complete the next one and so on and before you know it the list is complete!

Blasting music!

Whilst you may not be the most popular with your neighbours blasting music triggers something within your brain that boosts energy levels! Pick your favourite album or playlist, turn it up and that pile of clothes will be put away in no time.

Set a reward!

When you are faced with a task you will keep putting it off and do more enjoyable things instead however, if you were to flip the order around then I promise you will be more motivated to do things! This reward doesn't need to be expensive or out of this world... allowing yourself an indulgent treat or watching the newest episode of your favourite programme will be just as motivating!


Pinterest is going to be your best friend when using this form of motivation! If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, to start a new DIY project, planning a big event or redecorating pinterest will have beautiful pictures to inspire and drive you to do it too!

A friend!

Buddying up on a project can be so motivating! At the moment it's exam season and I know that if you are worrying about a particular exam grab a friend and go to each others houses or go to your nearest coffee shop to revise and motivate each other! This works for fitness too, if you want to take a new exercise class or take up running ask a friend to do it with you, you yourself will be motivated and having that bit of support will drive you both!

Thank you for reading!


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