A Few New Purchases

So, it's no secret that I love shopping but on my recent trip to Westfield I did a bit more then intended but I do not regret it one bit as I love everything. As much as I would love to bore you with my entire haul I've picked out a few things that I am most excited about.

MUA have a new palette... Yay! Not only is it my favourite palette of theirs yet but MUA were having a deal for 2 for £6 (if this is in all superdrug's I highly suggest you get to your nearest one ASAP!) It's called 'Spring Break' and that is exactly how I would describe it. It is the ultimate summer palette with pinks, greens, blues and bronzes to create any kind of eye look. I just know this is going to be my everyday summer eye palette.

Seventeen also have something new out which I had no idea about until my friend was saying how much of a rave there has been about it! Where have I been? It is the Define and conquer contour kit containing a contour shade and illuminator shade. The contour shade looks p e r f e c t and am looking forward to trying it out tonight and the illuminator shade is like a brightening setting powder which really excites! The packaging is very similar to Nars... may I have discovered a new dupe?

Also popped into the KIKO store that is in Westfield and couldn't help but pick up another eye shadow and oh my goodness I am in love. I picked up the shade ' 139' which is the most gorgeous shimmery peach which will look lovely all over the lid for an everyday summer look.

Now this next one was the most exciting by far. This has been raved about on the internet since it was released a little while ago and that is the KIKO essential bronzer and it really is essential. Yes, the packaging is a little bit bulky but personally I love it. The bronzer seems the perfect shade to warm up any complexion and could also be used to contour due to it's reddish and purple undertones!  Cannot wait to give this a go!

What have you recently purchased that you can't stop thinking about?

Thank you for reading!