The Land of Rediscoveries!


There is nothing I love more than rediscovering something that I used to love and falling for it all over again. A little while ago I had a good clean out of my make-up and found some things that I forgot I owned and have regained love for.

Rimmel's Stay Matte powder used to be something that I would wear everyday without fail, in fact when  I first even learnt about make-up this powder used to be my base (and the only thing I wore) which means we go way back. I stopped using powder at the beginning of the year to go for a more glowy look but I've found it again, now, I wear it everyday again. Another throwback for me is Collection's Cream Puff in 'Fairy cake'. I used to wear this all the time and when I discovered it again, I had to give it a go and I'm definitely still a fan. Do they still do these? I may have to look into getting some more.

At Christmas Estee Lauder bring out some great little goodies and a Christmas or two ago I was given this trio of eye shadows as a gift and used it a lot, but I guess it was kind of pushed to the back of my eye shadow draw and forgotten about but now that I've tried it again and I don't know why I stopped. The colours are the perfect neutrals and are so pretty. The final rediscovery is Soigne nail polish in 'Crème au Beurre'.This is such an expensive polish that I sometimes feel bad for using it but I put it on a few days ago for the time in a long time and I love it. The colour is gorgeous, has not yet chipped and is super glossy. I may have to also purchase more of these.

I am incredibly happy that I rediscovered these old loves. What's something that you used to love? Maybe pick it up again and give it a go!

Thank you for reading!