Barry M Daylight Curing Nail Polish

I feel as though it's a thing now to know how much I love nail polish and I am always on the hunt for great ranges and I've found the best! Barry M have multiple ranges within their collection from the Gelly Hi-Shine to the Matte formula - which are all brilliant! However, this new sunset daylight curing range is head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.

In the range there are multiple colours which cover a wide basis from pales to deep and dark colours. The star of the show is obviously the Sunset Daylight Curing Top Coat. The science behind these nail varnishes is that they use the suns UV rays to cure and protect your nails as well as giving them a very shiny finish making them look almost gel like. I love getting gels done but when you are getting them done every few weeks the price begins to add up and with great products like this on our high street it makes it cheaper for everyone. Let me just quickly mention that these are just £4.99 each!! 

I own four of the shades within the range and, of course, the top coat and I love them all. They all take 2 coats to get the full impact of the colours however I feel as though the darker ones are able to be gotten away with with just one coat. On me, the nail varnish lasts for a solid 7 days with either none or little chipping. I have received so many compliments from people when I am wearing these polishes with some people even asking 'Have you had your nails done?' - now, that's a sign of a good nail paint job! 

I feel as though I won't stop until I have the entire range because I love them so much! I would recommend all of you to try them out! They look like gels, feel like gels and almost last as long as gels! 

Thank you for reading!