Pack With Me: A Weekend At Home

Since moving to university, I like to think I've become quite a savvy packer, especially when it comes to my weekend visits back home! I'm home this weekend and so thought I would give you a glimpse of how I pack and what I pack.

Depending on how much I need to pack or where I am going, I either take my holdall or my small suitcase. This weekend was a suitcase kind of weekend!

It always begins with a list - a bit like every aspect of my life. This just makes it so much easier to get organised and ensure that you haven't forgotten anything that you won't be able to just pop out and get wherever you're visiting. I base all my packing around the outfits, this weekend in particular I have a party to go to so I had to choose an outfit for that as well as outfits for all the days I'm home as well as underwear! I tend to pack an extra outfit or two as at this time of year in England, you never know what kind of weather you might get! Once all the outfits are planned, I choose shoes which I keep to a minimum (normally just the pair I plan to wear home) and any other bits I may need including accessories. Next is makeup, this can sometimes be more difficult as I'm a makeup freak with too much so narrowing it down can be a challenge but again, I look at what clothes and colours I have in order to pick. Toiletries are normally one of the last to be packed as I still use them up to when I leave, this is quite easy as I use the same all the time. The final items to be packed away are anything electrical, because we all know I use these until the minute I walk out the door.

A few little tips 
1. Roll clothes rather then fold to save space
2. Store shoes in separate bags to protect everything else. 
3. I tend to keep electrical's in the compartment at the top where the underwear typically goes
4. Wedge anything fragile such as makeup bag and perfume in between softer items

What's your top tips for packing?

Thank you for reading!


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