First Impression // Nip+Fab Contour Palette

After clearly ignoring the amount of rave the Nip+Fab Contour palettes have been getting for a while, I finally picked it up and thought I'd see if it was really as good as everyone says.

These palettes are £15 each which, considering you get 6 shades, is pretty great. In England, Nip+Fab is classed as an 'affordable' brand and is available in Superdrug. There are 3 different palettes - light, medium and dark - therefore catering for all different skin tones with all palettes including skin, contour and bronzing shades! I decided to go for the light palette as it had the most suitable shades for my skin. 

The shades

Personally, I feel as though this palette has the best shades overall however, I'm sure for darker tones, the dark palette would be perfect but the light seems to have the most versatile colours. 'Porcelain' is a pink toned skin colour, 'Banana' is yellow toned and 'Biscotti' is a shimmery skin shade which I think would be perfect for a subtle highlight. 'Latte' in my opinion is the perfect contour shade as its slightly grey which will give you a natural shadow. Both 'Caramel' and 'Ginger' are both more suitable for bronzing and are both matte.

The application and wear

Instantly from the swatches I could feel how soft and buttery the formula is which gave me high hopes. I first used the 'banana' shade to set my under eyes and was instantly impressed. It didn't take much product to achieve what I wanted and didn't cake at all. I then used 'Porcelain' to set my t-zone which again, didn't cake. Taking 'Latte', I started to carve out my cheekbones and it wasn't difficult to get a great contour. The powders are very pigmented and you hardly need anything on your brush, it blended so easily and quickly without being patchy or ruining my foundation underneath. Finally, I took a mixture of the two bronzing shades and bronzed up the rest of my face. Similarly, to the contour, they blended super well and gave such a nice warmth to my face.

I'm not kidding when I say that these powders did not budge or fade at all throughout the day and stayed looking amazing! I was so impressed at how it managed to look natural, not cakey in the slightest but also did exactly what I wanted them to do and showed up.

The outcome

Could this become my favourite contour palette? Yes! I just feel bad that I didn't buy it sooner. It honestly has everything you could want in this sort of product. I'm not one to have the patience to sit and blend for ages, so the fact that these powders take next to no effort to blend is perfect. They aren't too intense which makes them great for those not so confident with contouring and means it's difficult to go overboard which is possible with some products. The biggest positive is the price. It's very affordable compared to products similar that are on the higher end of makeup and honestly, it's probably better then most!

It's available from both Superdrug and the Nip+Fab website.

Thank you for reading!